Looking for way to delete multiple messages in Message+

I have followed many threads about a similar issue.  When in the Message+ app and seeing the list of all the messages I have, I want to select multiple message threads and delete all at once.  If I press and hold a message a menu popups with choices on how to handle that thread.  I have read that I should be able to select multiple messages and check box each one to delete.  This does not happen on the app as installed on my Note 9.  I am using version 6.7.  Thanks

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Re: Looking for way to delete multiple messages in Message+
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Being able to delete multiple threads at one time can be very convenient, EYEDAHOMAN. You've come to the right place for assistance. Rather than pressing and holding a thread, you will want to tap the circle to the left of it. You will see a check mark appear in the circle and then be able to select other threads. Once all the threads you wish to delete are selected, tap the trash can icon in the upper right corner to delete the threads. I hope this helps.

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