Lost text messages

My iphone 4 recently died on me so I had to buy a new iphone 5c. I backed up on icloud the day before my old phone died so I was able to restore pretty much everything on my old phone. However, I haven't been able to retrieve text messages since the time that my old phone died and when I purchased my new phone and restored the backed up text messages. Are these texts lost for good or is there any way to retrieve them? Thanks

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Re: Lost text messages
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I'm sorry you haven't been able to retrieve text messages on your new phone texas183! I know how important messages can be. With iCloud, you're able to restore mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, Safari, notes, passbook, and Find My iPhone. Messages may not be retrieved. However, if you're enrolled in Verizon Messages, you can retrieve all messages from when you originally enrolled in this feature. http://vz.to/Nfij1T

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