MMS in Message Plus aren't received till hours later
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As the title shows, between a friend and I, I don't receive his MMS text messages until hours later. This includes photos and gifs, Regular text is fine and he receives my messages fine, including pictures and gifs, but I don't receive his till hours later. This is a new problem. It has been fine up until last week. I've tried de-updating the app. (can't uninstall it since it's preloaded) I've tried with regular text that was preloaded with the phone and google text. All with the same issue. We are both in different states. Both have android phones. I don't know how to fix this issue.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Model Number SM-N950U

Serial Number R58JB237RMV

Most up to date software N950USQS7DTA4

Re: MMS in Message Plus aren't received till hours later
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Hello jbarry,


It's definitely important to be able to receive picture messages, as well as group messages, in a timely manner. I am sorry to learn that it's not working for you, and I'm here to help you. Tell me, are you able to receive picture messages from anyone, or is it just happening with the person you mentioned in your post? When did this begin? Please share some details for me, thank you.