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Since there is a lot of spams and useless messages incoming as a form of multimedia (photos and video), we disabled MMS on one of my phones (my daughter's). However, VZ keep charging me for the usage of MMS. I asked multiple times to send me the usage details of MMS to VZ for months since July/2019 but they haven't replied back to me. Phone call always ends up with long wait and no success. I visited local office but the representatives there always tell me that I should call VZ directly. 

I want someone from VZ in this forum see this thread and contact me directly to discuss about the detailed usage. I really want to see the details since my daughter told me that she never used MMS (well she couldn't since she disabled the feature on her iphone).

This unclear and ineffective user supports may urge me to move to other service provider. 

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Customer Service Rep

Hello wayne1231,


You are an important part of our family. The last thing we want is to see you go. You can view a .PDF version of your bill that details all charges from your online account or the MyVerizon app on your phone. What plan are you currently on? Where do you see these charges on your bill? Does your daughter send or receive group messages?