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I just purchased a tablet, so since my phone is broken, doesn't always work, I downloaded the Verizon message from the Windows app store, Problem is it tells me I must disconnect one device from integrating messaging before I can have the  new app function. Bigger problem is nowhere on their site am I finding how to do this..It says go under device managed settings but don't see that. Please please help!!!

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HI Corkeylynn,

I"m sorry to hear that your phone is broken! 

A few things.

1- You would need to refer to 'manage devices' on the mobile since the Tablet app is not yet set up.

2- Use Play Store (not Windows app store) to install the app on your Tablet once the phone is fixed and you can link the Tablet to the phone's Messages+ account

Please uninstall the app you downloaded from the Windows app store. This version is the PC version. You will need a code to use this also if you decide to use the app on your PC.

3- Until you can attach the tablet to the phone, you DO have the OPTION to use your Web app account...which does NOT require a pin. Please refer to this user guide. 

WEB - Use Messages+ on the Web