Message , my fix for Windows 10
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Here is what I did to get everything working on my Windows 10 PC. 
(Be sure to do it in the order shown or it won't work)

1.   Open a browser and log in to your Verizon Wireless account.

2.  Click on ACCOUNT and from the dropdown menu select TEXT ONLINE

3.  From the web browser, disconnect all mobile devices (phones & tablets)

4.  Reconnect your mobile devices

5.  From the web browser disconnect your PC

6.  Close the browser

7.  Delete the MESSAGE+ app

8.  Reboot your PC

9.  Reinstall the MESSAGE+ app

10. Open the MESSAGE+ app and link it to your cell phone.


After that, everything seems to be working.

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Well, yes and no. Interestingly, I accidentally clicked on Message+ yesterday (it had "magically" updated to -- didn't realize that) and it "suddenly" was showing both sides of a text conversation (was only showing what I typed -- not the responses). Cool! But, there is still some disconnects. If I read a text on my Windows 10, it doesn't show as read on the phone -- and vice versa. Also, the phone is now not showing what I type on Windows 10. GRRRRRRRR! 


I tried My Phone from MS, but wasn't really happy as it lost sync too often. I was making due with the web-based option from Verizon, but it tends to "go to sleep" when you don't use it for a bit and you have to kick it (hit reload) to get it working again. Both situations were better than the way Message+ was working. 


So, Verizon, a couple of steps forward for you -- but definitely one or one and a half steps back on this issue. Please keep working on this. Your app is  the one I'd rather be using, but you're making it VERY frustrating to do so.


Thank you.

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Sorry to hear about the issues with Verizon Message+ on Windows, endofelliott. I know this situation is far from ideal. The Message+ Verizon Messages - Windows Desktop application is not compatible with Windows 10 computers. The Windows messaging client for Verizon messages is being temporarily removed to prevent syncing issues and customers are able to utilize the messaging web client as a windows alternative. The Message+ team is aware and working on a resolution.


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So now I have to log in every time I want to use the messaging app on my PC and can't just leave it running in the background like I could with the app.Robot Mad

Any estimate as to when the app will be back ?

Maybe you should put a note on the help pages so customers to go around and around trying to find the app which is not there.

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I am a consumer myself so I understand how frustrating it can be to have to sign in after a certain time. I would love to help. The website will do this if there is no activitiy. This is for your security. What happens when you try to download the app? Please tell me more. AmberF_VZW

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works like a champ.  thank you