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Message+ App: Who is "Flounder" in Managed Devices?

Hi there. I have Verizon Wireless Message+ app (version 2.4.3) on my iPhone 6S, and I found a strange setting: there is "Flounder" under Managed Devices in Setting. I have no device called "Flounder" registered in Message+. My significant other, who also has an iPhone 6S with the same version of app, has the same Managed Device registered called "Flounder". We both disconnected this device in Message+. We do not share Verizon Wireless accounts, so this is a mystery to us.

So, who is Flounder? Was this added as part of a Message+ upgrade?

Thanks in advanced for any thoughtful replies

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Re: Message+ App: Who is "Flounder" in Managed Devices?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

I just checked my phone, and the only two "Managed Devices" I see are my tablet and Laptop, as expected.  No device named "Flounder" and I have the latest updates.

Is your home computer or a tablet nicknamed Flounder?  Disconnecting the device should work, and you should receive a text message to confirm if someone tries to add it back.

Re: Message+ App: Who is "Flounder" in Managed Devices?

Does anyone own a Nexus 9 tablet? Flounder is the codename for the Nexus 9 device.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Message+ App: Who is "Flounder" in Managed Devices?
Customer Support


Help is here! This is pretty odd that you have “Flounder” under connected devices. Let’s dig a bit deeper to figure this out. SuzyQ & Ann154 have given some good suggestions. Have you been able to check if any of your computers or tablets may have this nickname? Please see this link so that you can remove “Flounder” as a device. Please look under the heading “Remove a Device from Your Verizon Messages (Message+) Account”. Please keep us posted on the results.


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