Message+ App - sent text messages disappear

Device - Samsung Galaxy S6.

App - Message+

After sending an SMS text using "Message +", the sent message doesn't appear in the message thread.  Received messages are there.  You can see the message as you're typing it but as soon as you hit send it no longer appears.  The recipient does receive the message.  You will have to remember whether or not you replied back to a text.  I've deleted all "Message +" messages and using app manager cleared the cache and data.  I've also checked the data and time settings and set them for manual.  Time zone is accurate.  Facebook  "Messenger" is also used on this device and maybe it has something to do with that.

Trying to avoid a factory reset.  Has anyone had this issue or have any tips on how to resolve?


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Re: Message+ App - sent text messages disappear
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Have you done any basic troubleshooting like turning your device off and on again?


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