Message + Chat update no longer works with my truck

Ever since Verizon updated then Message+ app (which was working fine), I no longer get "chat" notification via my trucks hands free software, but all text recevied as "SMS" come in fine. My wife is using message+ and now our text are send via "chat". If she sends me a text while driving, my truck will not tell me, but if someone else does it works fine. This all started once the message+ update.

I am using Droid Turbo, with message+ 6.4.4

Wife is using Sony Xperia Z3v message+ 6.4.4

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Re: Message + Chat update no longer works with my truck
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I rely on my messages to come through on my cars Bluetooth while in the car and can definitely understand your concerns, Awastatyme. There have been reports of some issues with the Message + application and we have since updated the application to correct these issues. Does your app have the most up to date software for the app? Are the other messages you are receiving from users with Message+ as well?

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