Message+ Crashes when attaching images through the "Gallery"

Since around October 14, 2019 - Message+ will crash when trying to attach a picture.  Crash is always happening.  Restarts of the phone and troubleshooting steps follow.

Any assistance with how to fix this would most certainly be appreciated!

I can select an image from Google Photos, select share, and then send the message.  The crash only happens when trying to send an image using the following method.  

1)  Create a new message or add to an existing text message

2) Touch + to add a file

3) Touch "Gallery"

4) Gallery opens for a second, then Message+ crashes

Troubleshooting steps:

> Cleared cache on Message+, Play Store, Google Photos - No effect

> Uninstalled Message+, re-installed, restored messages - No effect

> Uninstalled Google Photos, re-installed - No effect

Message+ version:  6.9.1 (September 6, 2019)

Photos version: (October 1, 2019)

Phone:  Model - Pixel2 XL.  Version:  10, Patch Level: October 6, 2019.

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Customer Service Rep

We understand the importance of ensuring your able to send pictures via the Messaging+ app. When did you start experiencing difficulties with  your Messaging app? Was there any recent changes made to your device or new apps installed when you started experiencing difficulties with the Messaging+ app? Can you place your phone in Safe Mode and send a picture message? For directions on how to place your phone in Safe Mode click: