Message+ Egiftcard Won't Accept My Card Info
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When I try sending a Egiftcard through the Verizon Message+, it won't accept any of my card info, no matter which card I use. I'd just charge it to my Verizon account, but I can't do that until after my account has been open 60 days, which it hasn't yet. 

Any suggestions? 

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Re: Message+ Egiftcard Won't Accept My Card Info
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I want to make sure that you get answers to all of your questions asap because eGift is an awesome feature to be able to utilize! Your account does have to be open and in good standing (without going past due) for 60 days in order to send a gift with external methods of payment or a bill to the account option. Have you reached out so that we can review your account? If not, here is a link with various ways that we can be reached: