Message Headaches! Verizon, please fix this!
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I have been tolerant, but I am ready to switch to another text messaging app if these issues cannot be fixed. I like Message+ but these issues are really affecting my productivity, and stealing pieces of my daily time. Yes I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 and it is legacy, but I should not have to upgrade my phone because you cannot get your app right for my version.

Phone powers off loses my position in the conversation I was viewing. Also happens if the app loses focus. VERY ANNOYING! The phone shuts off or the app loses focus, I turn it back on or go back to the app, and I end up several days, even weeks back in the conversation. I always have to scroll back down to where I was.

PICTURES! OMG! Sometimes my phone says I exceeded the size allowed. So I close the app completely, open it up again, try again, and then it works!

PICTURES AGAIN! Sometimes I see an image someone sends, sometimes not. When I click on it, sometimes it shows up to where I can zoom, but mostly it is just blank. Yet, I can save the blank image place holder to the gallery, and then it is there to see. VERY ANNOYING!

PICTURES YET AGAIN!!!! Why do I always have to save the image to the same freaking gallery subfolder? Why can't I pick what subfolder I want to save it in and have that choice be sticky or otherwise known as PERSISTENT?

EMOTICONS When you have the phone landscaped, depending on the size of the text message, the emoticons menu at the bottom push south off the screen. Works ok in portrait, as in the phone righted as if standing on its bottom, but once turned sideways, the same thing happens.

Please fix these! I am ready for another message app because I cannot take these issues anymore. THANKS!

PS. Please do not advise that I reboot my phone, take the battery out and put it back in, etc. That will just insult me. THANKS!

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Re: Message Headaches! Verizon, please fix this!
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hopworks_systems, having a messaging app that works with your phone is certainly a must. Seems like there are quite a few things that we need to address here. Let's start with some simple information here. You mentioned you have an S5. Can you tell me what software version you have for your phone? Also, what version of the app are you running on? 


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