Message+ Not Working on Macbook Ventura
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I am unable to get Message+ working on my macbook running Ventura OS.

The issue is that I get this error after entering in the verification code sent to my phone: Error: internal Server Error.

More details

  1. I am running Ventura OS and it's up-to-date
  2. I uninstalled Message+ today and reinstalled from the app store on my desktop.
  3. I am able to get messages on my phone without issue.

Thanks for the help.

Re: Message+ Not Working on Macbook Ventura
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry you've been having trouble trying to use Message+ on your Macbook. Based on my research, I've found Message+ is not supported with Mac computer based devices. It's designed for iOS and Android devices. Which is why it's working with your phone, based on your message. I hope this helps clear things up.