Message+ Texts Stuck on "Sent"
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For a few days now when I send a text to one of my contacts, it shows it as having been "sent," but is not delivered for several hours. This only appears to be happening with this one contact, and it happens every time I send a message. I cannot rely on text messages anymore and it's becoming a real problem. Suggestions on how to fix? I've already tried:

1. Rebooting

2. Clearing cache

3. Deleting most of my text threads

Could it be a setting on his end?

Thanks for any input!

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Re: Message+ Texts Stuck on "Sent"
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Being able to rely on your text messages is important, Shandycat. Let’s solve this mystery. You had mentioned this happens with one specific contact. Have you been able to confirm with them what time the messages arrived? When did this issue first start?


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