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How long does the Message+ Web App take to log out if you do not log yourself out?  I forgot to log out somewhere & I was shocked to see that I was still logged in when I went back hours later.   Thankfully, it's not a very public computer, but would someone had to have kept me logged in?  Since I use Message+ on my phone, is this why it stayed logged in?  That is a scary thought to think that someone could have read my private conversations.  Granted, I should have been more cautious, however, shouldn't there be an automatic log out for the web app?

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Cbrock0403, we are so glad to see that your account was not compromised at all. I totally understand your concern with privacy. When you log into any account using a computer it will stay logged in unless you log out or the computer is set to auto erase account information after a certain amount of idle time. Also, be careful when logging in. Underneath the password login there is normally a box that says "keep me logged in". You want to uncheck that. We do not log you out of the account automatically, because we don't know if it is a personal computer or not.

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Contrary perspective: I work on my laptop all day. I use the Messaging Web App (when it's working, which it hasn't been for the last 5 days... but that's on other threads...) all day long. I find it INCREDIBLY ANNOYING that the thing times out at very short intervals of no use, like about 5 or 10 minutes, it seems. Or when the IP of my computer changes (becuase, e.g., I got to a different meeting room, or switch from one network to my MiFi, etc.). Or after my computer has been put to sleep and re-awakes. I end up needing to login about 10 - 20 times a day and it drives me flippin' nuts!!! Can we get this timeout to be adjustable, just for the Messaging Web App?

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