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As many have noted and asked here, since the last Message + update, there are no text alerts when not actually in the app. We have all reported that we have the latest operating system (iOS and droid), the latest version of Message +, we have all rebooted our phones, and we all have the notification setting for Message + to receive alerts. On my iOS, there is even a setting for app background refresh, which I have on.

Customer Service has asked each of us these questions ad infinitum, and then does not reply further. I did get an email address for the development team and sent them this.

"It is happening on both my iPad and my iPhone.

my iPad is an IPad Air2 and phone is a 5S. Both are running the latest iOS, updated yesterday.

The issues started when I updated the Message + app last week, so I know it wasn't the Apple update.

There are only notifications when I have the app actually open. Before, the app has always alerted when it was open, open in the background, not open, as well as on the lock screen (open or closed)

It does alert very sporadically, but only once or twice every couple of days. I agree with all the other users that it is most likely a Verizon server issue, as we have done all of the usual, and unusual tricks we've learned when other Verizon updates have come through.

Please give me more suggestions that could resolve this. As you noted, getting notifications is very important.

I have all of the notification setting for Message + on, for both lock screen and main screen, and set for "alert requires action" to clear. I also have background refresh, both the main setting and Messge + in particular, set to on. There is no setting for "push", like there is for email, and perhaps that is the problem. When I open M+, I can see it scan for new messages and I get the flood of texts that have obviously been sitting on the server. I believe that may be what happened in the latest update, that the push capability from the servers is somehow disabled. That is a Verizon issue. It's either that or M+ is not running in the background when I'm not in the app.

Regardless, there are enough people having this issue, with whatever operating system, that I think someone at Verizon needs to be answering these questions and making it know on that they are working On it. At the moment, I feel like we are yelling down a black hole.

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