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Message+ does not work on my new amazon hd 10 tablet.  I get error an message that there is no data connectivity.  No problem with data connectivity with other apps and signal is strong.  I have tried all suggestions suggested on your message board (turn unit off/on, uninstall/reinstall, delete data/cache) and nothing works.  I have also spent 3 hours (3calls) with techs from amazon.  Can you offer any other solutions?

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VIRROG53, thank you for reaching out to us regarding this. We value your time and want to ensure you remain connected. We understand you purchased a tablet from Amazon and the only app giving you fits is the Verizon messages app. While the app is open to non-Verizon devices, it is not guaranteed to be fully functional. Nonetheless, we would be glad to reviews this further. When you open the Verizon messages app, what options do you select before the error appears? What action are you trying to complete on the Verizon messages app? (merge content from a phone, simply send a text, etc.)



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