Message+ attaching pics process changed

Around August 2023 the process to add pictures to a text has changed. I can no longer go from adding a picture and then back to the body of the text.  Once + is chosen and a pic is selected from Gallery, the only option is to send which sends both the pic and the text.  I cannot go back to the body of the text. There is another alternative where it alows me to add "media" and below that is approx 5 most current images in tiny boxes. I can scroll to the right and see another 5 but that's tedious if the pic I want is from more then a few days ago. A different awkward way is to FIRST go to Photos or Gallery and then choose to share in a text. But sometimes while tapping out a text I may want to add a pic and then go back to typing. So there is no more going back and forth from text body to pic which all other messaging apps allow. Is this something the developers are going to correct?

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