Message+ damaged or incomplete
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I am running the public beta of High Sierra on three Macs. For the most part Message+ works as expected. However, on one of the computers I started getting the message "You can't open the application because it may be damaged or incomplete."  This just started happening a few days ago. Message+ is working fine on the other computers which are running the same version of High Sierra.

I tried removing form my Applications folder and re-installing. Unfortunately I continue receiving the same message. I doubt it is a compatibility issue as I have been running without a problem on High Sierra without issue.

I was thinking of doing a complete uninstall  but don't know how other than implying removing the .app file.



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Re: Message+ damaged or incomplete
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I tiptoed outside of the Verizon Wireless handbook for some clues on moving forward, Markm455. Googling that error brought up a number of results on . I admit the suggestions inside those threads are advanced beyond our expertise.

Let's though focus on some basics. Do you find the error "it may be damaged or incomplete" coming up with other applications?

A complete uninstall of Messaging + would be a perfect next best step to try. Let us know the results.


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