Message+ desktop and website app won't work
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Both the WEBSITE app and the desktop app are not loading, or are hanging after being open awhile.  I now have both loaded because each is so unreliable. I used to use the website app on my macbook Pro and it worked beautifully.

Currently the website app won't load messages - for the last 3 days.  And yes:  I had an OS update this week, but it was wonky before that.  I try signing out then back in with no success.

The desktop app hangs whenever we lose internet connection [often under ATT-Uverse] and it's restored.  I have to Force Quit and relaunch.  VERY FRUSTRATING because I love them both - when they work.

Finally, often when I SEND a message thru either app, my text doesn't show on my phone so when the person replies I can't see what I said originally - unless I go back to the computer.

Please advise?

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