Message+ for Linux / Ubuntu
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I know this has already been brought up before... But I just wanted to reiterate that we would like Message+ for linux. Is there any plans as of yet? I know the the web interface works, but it can be cumbersome to get into it fast to read a message that didn't display on my basic phone...

Re: Message+ for Linux / Ubuntu

This may be a workaround for ya if you have a Windoze box in the house...

I use Windoze on my secondary home PC (a laptop in this case). I have that Windoze platform so that I can use Quicken and Quickbooks. I also use the secondary PC to support the desktop version of M+. From my main computer that runs Linux Mint, I use Remmina to remote desktop into said laptop. The whole thang works pretty good. I think you could also use vnc but Remmina seems easier to me.