Message+ has a person not in my contacts

I had a person that message+ kept muting randomly. I looked that up and it was a known problem, I tried to follow some suggestions online and when deleting my contact to add it back I noticed that contact that was being muted was no longer in my phone but message+ had a contact for them under a different name. I'm not sure we're this second contact is coming from, but I would like to try to remove it to see if that helps with the muting issue. How do I find where this contact is located if not in my phone's contacts?

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Re: Message+ has a person not in my contacts
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That certainly is a strange occurrence Vlk18850. I welcome  the opportunity to assist you with that messaging issue. When viewing the contact that Message+ is associating that number with, do you show it in your contact list? If choosing Edit on that contact, does it show any linked accounts associated with it? What's the make and model of your phone?


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