Message+ having issues after I've changed my phone number, any suggestions?

Any time I send a message to one of my contacts (only one, nobody else is affected) it adds my old phone number, the person I am texting, and my new phone number all in one text. It creates a group message by itself to reply to the person even though I never created a group text, but it doesn't do it all the time. So I have two conversation threads with the same person. One has three contacts (the one that gets automatically created) and one that has two (just me and them).

The other person also is having the same issue with my phone number as well, so I don't know if it is on their end or my end. This never happened before I changed my number, and it is not happening for any other contacts. I deleted my old number out of their iCloud, out of my Verizon cloud, their Verizon cloud, and none of it has helped. The other person has an iPhone, I have a Note 5, so I am confused on whether it is iMessage and the iCloud that is doing this or if it is all in Message+. I did notice that if I respond from the screen pop up that it sends as a Group MMS for this person. Otherwise I have to close the message pop up, open Message+ again, close Message+ and then open it once again, and respond for it to send as a normal text message.

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Re: Message+ having issues after I've changed my phone number, any suggestions?
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MalloryJay95, making sure your messaging service is working right is our goal. Does this happen with the default messaging application? Have you tried to clear the app cache for Message+ to clear out any history? Click here for instructions:



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