Message is not working on my ipad
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Message+ was always a bit sluggish on my ipad but now it is completely useless!  PLEASE help!   I have a LG G4 so I can't use Apple Messaging.  The app closes immediately most times, sometimes it will stay open but will take many minutes to open any conversation.  I have a number of pending messages that have not been sent - just have the ....... next to the message.

I have updated the app and IOS is up to date as well.  I tried deleting a bunch of threads thinking maybe it was too many threads but doesn't matter.

I see that others are having issues with notifications - I can't comment because it isn't receiving any of the texts that are coming in on my phone!

TIA for your help.


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Re: Message  is not working on my ipad
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Try clearing the a[pp cache on Verizon Messages.

if that doesn't work, try uninstalling, then reinstalling the Verizon Messages app on the iPad.  That may be enough to jump start the app again.