Message+ issue with phone and watch

Ever since Message+ was updated, I no longer received text messages on my Android watch (Asus Zenwatch 2).  I also kept getting a notification on my watch for Calling Setup, which I would tap on, and it would say check for latest updates, which it did, and says it's up to date, then just closes.

I didn't know Message+ was the problem so I wiped the watch and started over, but the issue persisted except the watch wouldn't do much of anything then.

After some online research, I decided to uninstall all updates for the Message+ app and now text messages come through.  And then, after restarting the watch, a ton of other app updates went through to the watch, so my watch is back to normal.  I still get the annoying notification for Calling Setup, but I can handle that.

I used to have Auto update on for my phone apps, but had to turn off so the Message+ app doesn't get updated.  That's also a bummer, but I can handle that too for now.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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