Message+ issues.
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So everyone who got a new upgraded matter the device? Right? According to the feed I've been reading...You're all experiencing the message+  app not showing missed texts on the app just notifications at the top right? So I used it on my Android turbo 2 for 2 years. No issues with the message +. I literally have had the Google pixel 2 phone for 24 hours and I get status notifications unless it's at the top status bar. Then if I clear it out. I'm forgetting I had texts and an hour later I see messages from Co workers asking me to do something. [Removed]

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Re: Message+ issues.
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I see you’re experiencing issues with your Message+ application on your recently activated Google Pixel 2 device. I would like to help.


So that I may further assist, can you share more details of what you’re experiencing exactly with your text notifications?



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