Message+ keeps stopping - uninstall/reinstall did not fix

I have a Google Pixel 2 XL.  Suddenly this evening Message+ just stopped working.  I get a popup from Android saying it keeps stopping with the usual options to send feedback, etc.

Restarting the phone has no effect.  Clearing cache has no effect.  Uninstalled and reinstalled the app.  No effect.

Curiously, after reinstalling, the welcome and setup screen came up fine.  I allowed all of the necessary permissions and set Message+ as the default SMS app.  Now, if someone sends me a text, I can actually open it and read it.  The app doesn't crash.  But if I try to go back to my messages list, it crashes.  If I try to just open the app from the home screen, it crashes.  BUT, if I tap and hold the app to bring up the quick action menu, I can choose compose message from there and actually compose and send a message to any of my contacts.  It doesn't crash.  But again, if I try to go to the inbox, it crashes.

Any ideas what might be going on and how to correct the situation?  Please don't say hard factory reset the phone!  LOL  This is the only app that isn't working.


Thanks in advance.

Jeff L.

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