Message log export from web site to excel is filled with the letter ppppppp MS Edge, Opera, MS Excel, OpenOffice
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On the Verizon site, I need 90 days export of my message logs - date/time, from/to. 

The path is:  Account -> Usage -> Usage Overview -> Choose my number -> Unlimited Talk & Text -> Message Details.  

The 10 most recent are displayed, and there's an 'Export to Spreadsheet' at the bottom. 

Expectation:  clicking would download 90 days of message logs, or a year, etc.  

When the download file is opened, it's filled with the letter ppppppp.  

Ticket open with Verizon {edited for privacy}.

Has anyone experienced this and have a workaround? 

Browsers tried:  MS Edge, Opera 
Spreadsheet software tried:  Excel, OpenOffice 

Machine is:  HP Spectre Notebook 

Intel (R) Core(tm) i7-7500U 

64-bit os, x64-based processor