Message+ not Syncing Contacts

Message+ is not Syncing Contacts w/ either the contacts in "Contacts" nor the Verizon Cloud contacts. The address book in Message+ shows multiple contacts not present at all in these places. Where are these "contacts" pulling from and/or how is this corrected?? This is very annoying! (Galaxy S9)

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Re: Message+ not Syncing Contacts
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I'm sorry to hear about what's going on with your Messages+ not syncing your contacts. I depend on this function myself, so I can relate. I'll be happy to help get this fixed for you. Can you tell me if your Messages+ application is updated? Are you having any issues with connecting to data on your S9?


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Re: Message+ not Syncing Contacts
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I was having the same issue and searched and searched for an answer. I tried everything. Uninstalling, reinstalling, uploading to every cloud possible. Everything. I was living with it but was ready to take my phone and Macbook laptop to a Verizon store for help when I backed into the solution.
I opened my Apple Contacts App (which I never use and had only 4 contacts in it which had migrated there years ago) and uploaded the csv file of contacts I had downloaded weeks before in trying to solve this mess. As soon as the contacts uploaded, all the contacts in my open Message+ app appeared! Wow.
Hope this helps others. So simple, yet just like road signs and signs for hiking paths in many parks, there are gaps in the information which they expect you to automatically know how to fill in. Not always the case.

Re: Message+ not Syncing Contacts
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I had this same problem and it drove me nuts.  On my Macbook Pro, Message+ worked fine, but I couldn't just search for a name, only previously entered phone numbers came up....arrrg   So what I did was I went to my phone (Samsung),  in my Verizon account and  had to upload my contacts to my Verizon (free) cloud for contacts.  Evidently, I had never done this before, I assumed my phone and Verizon worked together, but NO!   Once I had all my contacts uploaded  to Verizon it still didn't work, BUT then I found this Verizon site that solved the rest of the issue.  when you get there, click the link to enter the contacts "portal" or else you may spend stupid amounts of time in your Verizon account as they try to sell you cloud storage!  I was already logged into my account on my computer so it took me exactly where I needed to be. The directions are pretty simple...just don't click "select all" on your contacts page,  just the sync icon on the far right. 

I have added a screen Shot for people like me that need visuals.  😉 

Verizon message+.png

 It all works now as it should on my computer...type in a name and your contact list come right up.  YEAH!!!!!

Re: Message+ not Syncing Contacts
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