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Message+ not displaying some received pictures, but fine with others

I (finally!) upgraded from a S3 to a S6 this week, and was introduced to Messages as a result. I love it. I love the extra features, I love the color settings. For the most part, it works great. But! Occasionally, it will just.. display a blank line, when someone texts me a picture. This, so far, has been limited to happening with a single person, but it's happened 4-5 times since upgrading. It isn't all photos that they send- most go through fine, even from the person I get blank lines with. When I go to look at my texts via the stock Samsung messaging app, it's fine- the image is there, so I'm definitely receiving it in general. When I try to check the message info for blanked images, it just reads as 0 bytes. How can I convince it to display everything?

So far, I have tried resetting the app, re-syncing multiple times in multiple ways, uninstalling/reinstalling, replacing my phone entirely (my first S6 had an unrelated hardware issue, but both the first and replacement phones have had this issue receiving images), playing with all settings I can find everywhere.. No luck.

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Re: Message+ not displaying some received pictures, but fine with others
Customer Support

Receiving pictures is an important feature for todays devices. We want to make sure that yours works correctly.  If I understand you correctly, The device has been replaced?This is very important as the information supplied let's us know that it's not a network issue because it works fine in the other message application. This would be an issue with the application itself. Can you share what was deleted and reinstalled? Since it's a core application, it cannot be deleted. We want to help you get this resolved.
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Re: Message+ not displaying some received pictures, but fine with others

i misspoke when i said uninstalled- what was available to me was to uninstall and reinstall the updates, not the program itself.

yes, my phone has been replaced entirely, and is still having this issue. it definitely isn't network related- all images appear fine in the stock Samsung texting app, both on my original new phone and the replacement.

on both the original new phone and the replacement, using messages+, some images randomly do not display, and read as having attachments of 0 bytes, even when the same image is sent repeatedly.

additionally, the messages+ app has started to give me "message failed to send" icons next to images i send- days after i send them. there is no failure alert at first, and i know the messages are sent and received- my contact replies to and comments on them. again, there is no failure notice in the stock Samsung app.

at this point, this all seems to be contained to a single contact. there are no issues sending or receiving messages with anyone else.

Re: Message+ not displaying some received pictures, but fine with others

hachiko, the issue is not your phone or network. Messaging+ app has been plagued with this problem. I dealt with it and I thought it was my connection. I switched back to the stock msg app, and the stock app didn't display any issues.

Needless to say, I ended up downloading a msg app called "Textra" which has ran flawlessly with msgs and pictures. The only thing is they pop up an ad as a first text msg every time you open the app. Otherwise, it runs perfectly, and I will not go back to msg+ or the samsung app.

Try it for few days, you have nothing to lose, and you can always uninstall it.

Good luck.