Message+ not sending full message

I will draft a text message either to an individual or a group, hit send and only a small portion of what I wrote goes through.  Frequently, it's text that I deleted and re-wrote before sending.  I then have to send a follow up text with the full message and explain the issue.  This happens frequently, especially after I rewrite a text.  Any suggestions/solutions?  I have an HTC10 and my Messages+ app is up to date.

Re: Message+ not sending full message
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to learn that you are having some issues with your text messages (hit send and only a small portion goes through), lilgordo2687. We are committed to resolving this issue for you. You mention that frequently it is text that you deleted and re-wrote before sending. Let's get some additional information.
Does this happen only with messages that you rewrite?
When did this issue start?
Does this happen with specific contacts only?


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