Message+ not syncing sent messages

I'm having trouble with syncing of sent messages.  Here's the scenario:

Personal phone:  Verizon Galaxy S10e running standard SMS app (purchased yesterday)
Work phone:  AT&T iPhone running Message+

I frequently need to send and receive text messages on my work phone using my personal number; up until now, I've relied on iPhone integration to do this. Now that my new personal phone is an Android, I'd like to use Message+ on my work phone (using my personal Verizon number) for this purpose. This also allows me to make and receive calls using my personal phone number on my work phone - neat!

Here's the problem: when I send a message on my work phone using Message+, the sent message never appears in the Android messages app on my personal phone. Messages that other people send to my Verizon number show up in both places (in the Andriod messages app and Message+ on my work iPhone) - but on my personal Android phone, I only see the messages that I received, and messages that I sent directly from the Android phone, not the messages that I sent from Message+ on my work iPhone. Message+ does contain the messages that I send from my Android, so this appears to be a one-way problem.

Is there a way to get the messages sent with Message+ to sync into my Android SMS app?


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Customer Service Rep

We understand the importance of being able to sync your messages on your recently purchased Samsung device and your iPhone especially because these devices are used for business and personal purposes. All the information you provided is extremely helpful, and we definitely want to help you in the best possible way to get your messages synced. At this moment, we would like to ask you to please download the Message+ app on your Samsung device, so you're using the same app on both devices. The following link will help you download this app on your new device.