Message+ notifications don't show preview anymore

I'm using a Google Pixel XL, It used to be that when I received a text I could just get the icon in the notification bar and a nice ding, then I could slide it down and see a preview of the text.

But after the update I can't make it stop showing me the message box of who sent the text, and I don't get the preview anymore. I don't want the box coming down each text I just want an icon saying I have a text.

Plus I can't turn off the vibrate for the notifications anymore, so I get the ding and the vibrate. I used to be able to select if I wanted the vibrate Smiley Sad

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Re: Message+ notifications don't show preview anymore
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We understand the importance on being able to receive a notification when someone sends you a message, JAMTRO63. Did this start after a software update or an update to the messaging + application? If this was an update to the application, then please navigate into the playstore and search for the messaging + app, so you can uninstall the latest update to see if the issue persists or not. 



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