Message plus just died on my Window desktop
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Once again, the Message plus app on my Windows 10 desktop stopped working. I got a message about "This app is disonnceted. Click to erase all messages and reconnect".  I had no choice but to do that. 

I got a similar message on my phone. That did seem to reconnect OK. 

BUT - a company whose main focus is messaging can't seem to make a stable desktop messaging app. I've tried resetting the app's data from windows.. IE wipe out all data. When I start the app fresh I have to confirm my account with a code texted t my phone. I do that and it starts syncing the first folder and hangs - Three hours later and no change. I can't even find a decent link to try to download a new version if there is one. PAthetically, verizon seems to have last update the desktop Messages + in 2015.  SERIOUSLY?  

I am on version   I'm trying to find out if there is a newer version or not. Most likely not. 

I am REALLY annoyed at this as I have a family member starting treatement for a serious medical condition and I can't be messing up around trying to get my texts to work. 

So, does anyone know if verizon messed up their app today for some reason? 

Are there any links to the latest version of their 'messaging' app.