Message plus not working on Computer
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Not receiving messages on computer app? I can send but not receive. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Have disconnected computer via phone app and reconnected. It will say syncing but still same problem. Was working fine until few days ago. I have read all the forum and it's still not fixed. I HATE texting from my phone..prefer a laptop or computer. PLease Verizon fix the problem.

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I can confirm that this "failure to sync" happens in Windows 7 and 10, since at least 19 July 2019.

Verizon Messages (Version 6.8.5 from Google Play Store) continues to sync correctly on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965U, Android ver 9) my primary Verizon cell phone number/account.

Verizon Message+ (Version 3.2.1 from App Store) continues to sync correctly on my iPad Air.

Verizon Messages (Version 6.8.5 from Google Play Store) continues to sync correctly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (SM-T830, Android ver 9).

Verizon Messages (Version from Microsoft Store) FAILS to sync correctly on my Windows 10 desktop computer.

Verizon Messages (Version from Microsoft Store) FAILS to sync correctly on my Windows 10 laptop computer.

Verizon Messages (Version from ancient Verizon download) FAILS to sync correctly on my Windows 7 desktop computer.

All three Windows based Verizon Messages apps can SEND but CANNOT receive.

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I just tested Integrated Message+ on my desktop Windows 10 computer.  Both the desktop app (v2.0.2.0) and the browser access (Chrome) synced and received SMS and MMS text messages sent to my number.  I sent the messages from my email to mynumber at (SMS) or mynumber at (MMS).  Working fine for me now and has been.

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...
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Dear jav6 (Sr. Member),

I'm glad your desktop environment allows Message+ to continue syncing for you.

Unfortunately, your testimonial provides no solution for me or waywardfarm (Member) here,

or cratervoid (Member) or csorb (Member) or DStan (Member) or wefuwf (Member) or david_arnesen (Member) or ptoundaian (Member) or Kikov (Member) in this other thread [].

Perhaps you could help identify how your Windows environment differs from all us other members who DO have this failure?

Mine, as well as the others, "was working fine" for years (in my case, at least), but stopped working just recently.

What version of Windows 10 is your Messages+ app working fine in?

Are you using an Anti-Virus app?

Are there any skilled Verizon Messages developers who could use the differing details to figure this out. Or even care about those of us who want Verizon Messages to work for us too?

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My main reason for replying was to confirm that it is NOT a universal issue with all desktop users.  I'm attaching a snapshot of my desktop OS details.

I use McAfee LiveSafe for my desktop security.

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...
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Thank you Joe,
I do hope my post did not come across as rude or disrespectful, as that was NOT my intention. I did hope we could all do exactly as you have done; provide specific details to help Verizon Messages developer/QA staff identify what is causing this failure. Though now retired, I've had many years at most phases of software design, development, QA, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. I am acquainted with how complex identifying a "bug" can be, long before the scope of a "fix" can be assessed.
My first suspicion is that a Microsoft update has "tightened" a loophole Verizon Messages can no longer jump through.

Both my Windows 10 desktop(Professional) and laptop(Home) are current at:
- Windows 10 64-bit
- Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.239)

My Windows 7 desktop is current at:
- Windows 7 Professional SP-1 64-bit (6.1.7601)
- latest update 7/21/2019 (KB4507437)

Norton Security Deluxe Version (all 3 of my Windows machines)

My theory only fits the details if Microsoft made some similar change to both Windows 10 Home and Pro, as well as Windows 7, on about the same date (approx 19 July 2019)

Sincerely, John

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I am not sure I replying in the proper place. But, I did note that the user who supplied a Windows build number and IS having issues is on a current build of Windows 10 as am I. I too am having issues:

Windows 10 Pro

Version 1903

OS Build 18362.267

The user who reported he was NOT having issues in on an older version of Widows 10: Version 1809

Maybe there is something in the new build?

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I am having issues on an older Windows 10 build...

Version 1607

(OS Build 14393.2214)

My issues are the same as the others.

Messages can be sent from computer but replies are not received to computer.

Messaging is working fine on Samsung Galaxe S8+.

Problems for me started about a week ago, after a recent Windows update, which ultimately failed and was restored to the previous version. This is typical for me whenever Windows does an update.

I agree that the problem is not with devices but rather specific to the desktop application.

I depend on this and need this to work.

Thanks for listening!

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cjpower7, I use the Message + app on my computer all the time to text, and I would be lost if I was unable to use it. I am here to help and we will get to the bottom of this. When did you update the software of the computer? Have you attempted to use Messages + on a different computer?  SantoC_VZW

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My first post about this problem was a couple of weeks ago. One of the solutions offered by Customer Service was to log into the web version of Message+ to see if things were syncing properly to the verizon servers. I did and they were. I was happy to use the web app until the desktop app was fixed.


Messages can be sent from the web app but replies are sent to my phone. Nothing I send out syncs to my phone and replies coming in don't sync to the app, desktop or web.

I tried to do a windows update on my computer a couple of days ago because I know that my windows 10 is stuck on an older version. I was not able to update it, but that is a separate issue. The version of my windows 10 has been on my computer since sometime last year and message + worked just fine until about a month ago.

The purpose for my post today is to report that the web app has stopped syncing for me today like the desktop app did a month ago.

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Same problem here.  Prior to upgrading to Win10 about 4 weeks back, all was good, hardly ever a problem with win7.  And it worked on Win10 up until the 13th of this month.  The strange thing is, I have one number (fortunately a business contact) that the messaging works properly, all the rest are in 'limbo'...

From what I can tell from reading through both threads on this is that most of the posters have not gotten resolution, albeit, there are a few that seem to have gotten it working again.

This is a HUGE problem.  I run most of my business conversations through Messenger, the daily back and forth stuff, ETA, pick up supplies, casual job estimates, a very easy way to communicate when operating a business. 

It worked for years, now it is broken.  I know the Verizon people here are trying, but I get the impression they really don't have handle on this at all.  Repeating the same darn questions over and over again does not cut it.  This needs to be escalated to the highest priority.

The current version of Messenger is B R O K E N.....

Haven't reached totally pi**ed yet, but I am getting close.  Fix it...

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Today, Friday, August 16, 2019,

I Disconnected then uninstalled the Verizon Messages app from my Windows 10 desktop computer (P9X79), rebooted, and reinstalled it from the Microsoft Store, then re-Connected it to my Primary cell phone number.

As Johnmav (Member) posted on 08-16-2019 02:39 PM:
"... the messages did populate (although it happened very slowly)".

I then ran my send/receive/sync tests again.

I remain disappointed to find that the Verizon Messages app still FAILED/FAILS to sync any messages, NOT from the Verizon Messages apps on my other Windows 7/10 computers, subsequent to the last successfully synced messages on 7/19 (7/19/2019) shown here:


P9X79 2019-08-16_a.png


The following confirms the same results in the Verizon Message+ app on my Windows 7 desktop computer (P6T-DELUXE-V2):


P6T-DELUXE-V2 2019-08-16_b.png


By contrast, for comparison, the web browser based Verizon Messages page shows ALL messages associated with my primary cell number, including the most recent successfully synced messages on 8/13 (8/13/2019) shown here:


Web 2019-08-16_a.png


My previous post, Wednesday, August 14, 2019 08:43 PM, "The Windows apps now FAIL to sync to Verizon Messages on their web page" has corrected itself (or maybe just completed populating "although it happened very slowly"?).

Reviewing all 8 of my available devices/browsers, I have confirmed there has been NO CHANGE to the SUCCESS/FAILURE results as tabulated in my original spreadsheet matrix (current status shown here):


Verizon Messages failure matrix_f.png

jafauske (Member)

CC to verizonmessages, at, verizonwireless, dot, com as an email,

as directed by @melissap_vzw Community Manager @vzw_customer_support

Open the Message+ app.

Click Menu > Settings > Account.


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I tried the old web based Message+ this morning, same results as the new one from the M$ store.  This is beyond unbelievable that an app that has worked properly for years, wasn't recently updated, has quit working.

This leads me to believe it is Microsoft problem, maybe Defender.

Strange you can send messagesfrom PC's but can't receive anymore...

Later today when I have time I am going to disable/suspend Defender after uninstalling both messeger apps, then re-install and see if that makes any difference.

It will get fixed sooner or later, there has to be a bevy of Verizon employees that have the same problem,  I am sure they are working on it (fingers crossed)...

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cjpower7, we are disheartened to learn that your issue has come back in regard to the syncing with Verizon Messages Plus. In order to utilize the feature, it is recommended being on the latest software version on your computer for it to work properly. Have you contacted the manufacturer of your computer to determine why your computer isn't updating? What steps have you taken in regards to troubleshooting the issue? What is the make and model of the phone that you are trying to sync your computer with Verizon Messages Plus?




Dear Verizon Wireless...

It is not the devices, it is the software...  it could be a problem with the Flavor or Version of Windows, but it is not the device...

It works on my Verizon controlled Samsung... my Verizon controlled iPad, but my Dell Windows 10 computer, it only works about 50 percent of the time.  It also seems to be related to the source of the messages...   I am receiving messages from other Verizon users no problem, but users with AT&T or Cricket will only go to my phone and ipad, but not computer.


Customer Service Rep

We appreciate the additional details, Metrogeek. What version of Windows are you currently running? Have you tried the app on a different computer?



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Don't you have morning meetings before you hit the kiosk?  Verizon support already informed us that the app is broken and they are working on it.

Another wasted bit of bandwidth...


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At around 9 pm CST on 8-21, where my PC Win 10 Message + app was working for months now to my Samsung Android, the same problem started for me suddenly and is no longer syncing phone messages to the PC app.  And I tried various things.  Uninstalling and reinstalling and rebooting etc with no success.  

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I'm in same shape.  Several weeks ago I quit receiving texts on my desktop - Windows 10.  I agree with all the frustrated customers.  I've tried all the above - remove / reinstalling, turning firewall off, different virus software, deleting the residual files left after uninstall before reinstalling, deleting all the text messages...  I called support - 1 hour wait.  Their quick  conclusion was that it's my computer and they wanted me to enroll in a service for $9 /month.  Interestingly they try to make money on this.  I suppose that's good management.   I will patiently await next update that will probably fix the problem.  I don't use it much and wish there was a different app available. 

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Help is here for you... !
We can provide the answers you need.
I apologize for...
There is currently a compatibility issue...
We do not have an ETA at this time.
I apologize for any inconvenience...
We are terribly sorry for the trouble...
Thank you for your patience...

It has already been over a month since this problem started affecting nearly everyone and @vzw_customer_support has only just recently even acknowledged that it is Verizon's FAILURE!

These AI bots in "Community Manager" offer lots of "words of sympathy",
lots of "reinstall" advice,
lots of "is your computer plugged in?" type of questions.

"Sorry" is worthless.
We don't need a psychaiatrist's couch with lots of "And how does that make you feel" words.

Please, STOP these worthless "Community Manager" words.

Put some of the $$thousands of dollars$$, that each of us members pay annually, into FIXING the problem.

"...low-single-digit growth from 2018’s $130.1 billion." (Barron's)
"...expected 2019 adjusted earnings per share to hold steady from 2018 at $4.71".
Considering the size of Verizon, perhaps taking one cent away from shareholder earnings, to put into fixing the Verizon Messages FAILURE, could hire $$Millions$$ worth of skilled "problem solvers"?

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I called Verizon today and things ultimately went totally different than I expected.  First off, the support number takes you to people that can only deal with your phone.  Not the App.  But I already reported the problem via the app and the help and report a problem to the developer.  The good news is, I wound up being able to get a new Samsung phone under warranty.  So that was nice.  

But ultimately, I decided, I don't need to be the test lab for Verizon and there intermittent situation.  I downloaded Google's Messenger app and the link to it on a Browser, and now I have all my messages working on the phone and on the PC.  Ya'll let me know if you ever figure out the Message Plus app.