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Can Message+ get a quick reply or text template option to use in the phone app? Because I have seen this question in other threads, I am not referring to auto reply, and I do not have a wearable device. I like every feature of Message+ better than the standard Samsung text message app, but this is one advantage that it has over Message+. This seems to have been a frequent feature request for at least a couple of years - is there any update on this?

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I certainly understand the benefit of having quick reply messages available within the Message+ app, JESLEC95. I am happy to hear that you are enjoying using app overall. I reviewed the enhancement list for Message+ and do not see that this specific feature is one of them. I will be sure to lift this up to my leadership team as we always appreciate hearing about ways we can improve our customer's experience with our products and services. To ensure that you are getting all of the updates to the Messages+ app, I recommend making sure you check the Google Play Store for updates to the application from time to time.

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It has been three years.

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There is an excellent and simple Android OS workaround that functions equally as well as an in-app feature. Takes just 5 seconds to insert and send a quick reply/text template directly from inside Message+.

Qualifier: I use Gboard text input and Android Pie 9.

 Create and store your template(s)

1) Create your template in any word processing app, Samsung Notes, Message+ etc.

2) "Select all" and "Copy" your text, which sends it to your clipboard.

3) Open a text message, tap once on the enter text field to activate your keyboard, then long press on the enter text field. You will get a context menu, there select "Clipboard" from the menu options 

4) Now you'll see your clipboard with probably a bazillion recent copy operations stored. Top, first in the list should be your most recent, i.e. your template.

5) Long press on your template selection and you will get a new context menu with two choices, "Delete from clipboard" or "Lock to clipboard". Choose "Lock.."

6) Finally, in the upper right corner of the clipboard hit "Delete All" and you will then be prompted to verify "Delete" which will empty all the garbage from your clipboard Except your locked item(s).

Now to use your template in Message+ :

1) Open a message, activate your keyboard, long press the text enter field and select -> clipboard

*2) If you dont see your template, hit delete all -> delete, this will bring your locked template(s) to the top of the page

3) tap your locked template once to insert

4) hit send


Thats it.

*Note: Step 2 only necessary if you copy/paste often, which will push your locked templates off screen as each new entry is added to clipboard. You can scroll and search clipboard but, two quick taps clears it immediately leaving only template(s) visible.

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Thank you so much for this information.  Not only did I learn something new but will now have quick access to my quick responses.  YOU ROCK!