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A few minutes ago, I got a call from an unknown caller. I answered and it was a guy with an Indian accent offering to resolve the debt I don't have on a credit card that I don't have. So I told him to remove me from the call list and hung up. Upon hanging up, I was presented with an atypical screen with the the option to pull the call. I know this is a feature of the Verizon Message+ app that I use as my primary messaging app. I went into the Message+ settings for the feature and saw that the device pushing the call was one I didn't recognize. I removed it, but my question is this:   Is there a possibility that a remote call can allow a hacker access to my phone? Is it safe for me to continue to use message+ as long as I don't pull the call when requested by an unknown? What if I do pull the call? What kind of access does that give to a remote caller?

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Re: Message+ "pull call" feature security
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If a hacker knew your MyVerizon password and had physical access to your phone to view the confirmation text they could setup your Verizon Messages + profile on another device for messaging/calling without your knowledge.

It's safe to use Messages+ particularly with strong password/lock settings for your account & phone.

No other party will request that you pull a call, it doesn't give any access or cause changes on their end. Regarding the 'unknown' caller you mentioned above, that call was not pulled or pushed, since you had directly answered it, and ended the call after speaking with that person.

The 'Pull Call' function only allows an currently active call to be transferred from another device connected to your Messages+ profile to another connected device. For example- if you were still speaking with that Indian caller on your phone, you could go to the Messages+ app on a capable device like a tablet and 'Pull the call' to finish the conversation on the tablet instead, so the call would no longer be on your phone.

After you ended that call, going into the 'Pull Call' function on your phone can be used to pull a different currently active call in progress on a capable device like a tablet to your phone instead to continue the call that way

Re: Message+ "pull call" feature security
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Hello Stupidspencer. Help is here as I'm sure it was alarming to receive this unwanted call. deloused has provided the correct information regarding how the Pull Call function works on your device with Verizon Messages Plus as it does not give any access to the other caller but rather gives you the ability to transfer the call from one device with messages plus to another device with messages plus. Please let me know if our responses answered your question and click the link provided for more information on the Pull Call function.


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