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My Message+ seems to have deleted texts prior to 90 days and I desperately need them back. How do I go about doing this. I didn't do a physical back-up as they were all backed up on a few devices but I must have received an update and only 90 days worth are being restored but I need to go back further. My PC had the full history but now it also only has 90 days worth. Yesterday they were there but today I was prompted to sign up for Message+ so I feel there must have been an update gone wrong.

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Re: Message+ recover texts
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The Verizon Messages+ application and backup has always only saved the past 90 days worth of messages. If you need longer than I would suggest that you install one of many SMS Backup applications available in the Play Store and have the messages saved to your Google drive or another cloud service that isn't the Verizon Cloud.

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