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I know that Message+ is consuming a lot of space on my phone. I can go into Shared Media and see gobs of pictures.

I'm not too worried about the messages themselves taking up much space at all. I can go through these pics one by one and delete them, but it's a big pain, besides I really hate to lose that information from its associated message.

When I look at the app it says the storage usage is 458MB, 210MB of which is cache. Clearly this is not including the space due the pictures!!

I'd love too be able to see the actual folder containing the pics, but I understand it's hidden and inaccessible without rooting the phone (which I will not do). 

But I _need_ to see how much space is actually using on my phone, so I can take appropriate action.  I need to see in one place all the pics with each size and a total size!!

It's ridiculous that anybody can send me text messages, and I'm burdened with having to clean & manage each individually, or run the risk of hosing my phone.  Nothing else works this way! 


Re: Message+ space
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Same issue. I've had this phone for 4 or 5 years and I have .02 gigs of space left. My memory card has 150g free. When I look at storage it shows apps take up 20G of space and system takes up 9G, I go through every app in that list and almost all have 2 to 4 hundred megs used. 


Message plus says 1.2g, but I know that's not counting the 6K text pictures. There is no way to locate them with the phone tethered to a computer. 

Re: Message+ space
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Being able to manager your apps for storage purposes is important. What make and model phone do you have? When was the last time your software was updated?