Message+ stoppes working
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If I clear cache and clear data do I lose all messages and pics in the app?  Is there a way to back up now??

Re: Message+ stoppes working
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I cleared my cache and my data and it came back for 2 minutes and crahed again.  I could still see that my old messages were there but couldn't open them before it crashed again.  It did delete all of my color and font personalization options though.  

Re: Message+ stoppes working
Customer Service Rep
We understand how valuable it is to have your photos and messages in Verizon Message +, for your peace, you don't lose photos or history by clearing data and cache in the app. In the meantime we recommend using the application that comes with your device It is a blue icon with three dots, your message history is also available in that app. In the following link you can review how to make clear cache and data.