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My messages usually sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 are not syncing to my Laptop Windows 7 since 9/21. Nor do messages I delete on my phone go away on my laptop. This began on 9/21, On 9/19 I was on the phone with a Verizon rep about an issue with SMS messages not coming thru to my U-Connect in my vehicle. Verizon contacted U-Connect who advised me that since my phone updated to version 5.0 U connect does not work with that version at this time. For some strange reason, SMS messages began working again that same day? System response on my laptop is very slow in the Message+ app in fact it is basically not functioning at this time from the laptop.

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Re: Message+ sync across all devices
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I know its important to have your messaging options work with your laptop jerseryj1m. We will do all that we can to get this working again. Have you had any recent software updates to your device or your laptop? Updates to your devices may also require an update to the acutual application. Its recommended that you remove the messaging app an redownload it if there is a newer verison.


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