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Message+ updated on my phones, not my family's phones?

Message+ updated to 6.5.0 on my phone, my grand-daughter's phone, my roommate's phone and my tablet.  Included in the update was new emojis.  However, I have friends and family with the same phones who can't see the new emojis, nor update their message+ app. 

Any clue why?

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Re: Message+ updated on my phones, not my family's phones?
Super User
Super User

Updates are often staggered; give it a few days and see if the update is available.

Re: Message+ updated on my phones, not my family's phones?
Customer Support



Thats's a great question, and a good observation. tikibar1 makes an excellent point. Updates are often rolled out gradually, so that the updates can be stopped if an issue is identified in the new version. It's also worth pointing out that some older plans may cause devices to receive software updates slower. Users that have the latest plans will always get the newest updates first. Features in grandfathered plans may not always be compatible with the newest features of the app right away, so they may receive those updates later. If it's been about a week and they are on the newest plan, you can recommend they call in to customer service to check into this. I hope this helps.



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