Message+ v 6.7.5 attachment issues

I can send and receive text messages but when I press the + at the right of the input window a dialog window opens stating:

Message+ keeps stopping

x     Close app

+     Send feedback

I've cleared the Data and the cache but it keeps happening. Any ideas?

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Re: Message+ v 6.7.5 attachment issues
Customer Service Rep

I know it can be a bummer for the app to keep closing when you try to to hit the plus sign to add something Twcannon33.I am sure we will figure this out together. I do appreciate all that you have done so far. I would recommend leaving feedback so the app developer can take a look at this for you. Are you having issues with any other app? Do you get any error if you use the default messaging application? The next step would be to remove the app and install it again. Please try that and keep me posted. 

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