Message+ virus HTC Highlight Words, Text Link spam Yes.In

I changed to Message+ awhile back. I have no idea why, just clicking apps I guess. Not long after I noticed words were highlighting. I turned off all autocorrect, absolutely everything and it still happened. I did notice recently that if you hover over the highlighted word, the dumb emoticons show up but other than that I couldn't figure it out. Yesterday, the highlighted words turned into the below text link spam so I deleted Message+ never, ever to use it again. McAfee said I don't have a virus but that is something - - that I never want again. It is a chinese shopping website that looks like it could give you all kinds of viruses. I can't find anything in any discussions about this. No, I will never use Message+ again to try to solve this. I went back to factory reset. I have an HTC One M8. Any ideas where it came from?


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Re: Message+ virus HTC Highlight Words, Text Link spam Yes.In

Looks like you had an instance of what happens a lot with speech to text or where after you send a message, a partial bit stays in the message box and more text gets added to it the next time you see it.  Happens to me all the time, BUT in some apps, any word followed by a .period. then com, net, org, or a countries suffix like how Canadian sites end in CA or British sites end in UK or Russian ends in RU, IN could be India.  Who knows. That's my best explanation.

Re: Message+ virus HTC Highlight Words, Text Link spam Yes.In
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We don't want to see you give up on Verizon Messages, suttonbaym. It's not a virus that caused the highlighted word at all. It's the fact it was entered as "" instead of "Yes. In" within the text. As Snn5 mentioned, the program recognizes when a period is used without a space immediately before and after which triggers it to think it's a link and turns it blue to create a hyperlink to the site you've entered. It doesn't check first to see if it's a valid or safe link. It simply creates th hyperlink based on your text entry.


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Re: Message+ virus HTC Highlight Words, Text Link spam Yes.In
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I just noticed this today.  A friend texted me and several places where he ends a sentence with a period, it is hyperlinked.  Additionally there are two spaces after his periods so why is it still doing this?

This has to be turned off otherwise I'm certainly not going to use this.