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I just got a new Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab A and put the Messages + app on it.  It looks terrible on the app.  On my old tablet, (Amazon Fire) it is identical to the way the app looks on my phone.  On the new tablet, there is an annoying split screen, left side  shows the contacts/convos, right side shows the texts of the conversations.  I want the full screen of the text conversations to be on the screen when I click on an individual or group that I'm texting with.  How do  I make this happen?

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Re: Messages app on Galaxy tablet
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We want to make sure you enjoy the product that you are using. The tablet models and makes can have various app versions. This is as designed for the Samsung tablets. You can submit your feed back to the Google Play store to our app developers They appreciate your feedback and may take it into consideration for future updates.



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