Messages app scroll position problem on Samsung Galaxy S9+
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Recently upgraded from an S7 to an S9+. This problem may be related to the new form factor on this device. Suppose I have Verizon Messages open and I am looking at a conversation in which I am scrolled to the bottom, viewing the most recent message. If I lock my device (e.g. using the power button) and unlock it, then the Messages app comes back and the same conversation is loaded. However, now the scroll position is several pages up. I then have to manually scroll back to the bottom, or close and re-open the conversation. Kinda frustrating.

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Re: Messages app scroll position problem on Samsung Galaxy S9+
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Neuroboy, congratulations on your new S9+. Seeing your messages out of order when you lock and unlock your device is a pain we don't want you to deal with. I am confident that we can get this issue resolved for you. Is the Verizon Message application up to date? Does the Text Message application icon on your phone say Verizon Messages or Message+?

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