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Messages+ bluetooth connection failure in car

I have been unable to connect Verizon Messages  via Bluetooth to my 2016 Chevy Traverse with My link. I just bought a new Pixel XL.

Previously, my old Droid Turbo connected via Moto Connect, but no similar preloaded software that I can find.

Don't know if this should be a Verizon or Google support issue....

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Re: Messages+ bluetooth connection failure in car
Customer Support

Hello lwwilliams,

I'm so sorry for any trouble in pairing your Pixel XL with your vehicle. I love using that feature, it makes things so much safer. Let's see what we can do to help you. I completed some research and I first would like to ask if there is a software update for your device. Please go to Settings/About Phone/System Updates. If there is an update available, please download and install (using Wifi, preferably). Once that is done, please try again to sync the device. 


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Re: Messages+ bluetooth connection failure in car


I have no problems pairing the Pixel XL with the car via Bluetooth. I can make & receive phone calls just fine through the car's Bluetooth system.

What I can't seem to do is find a way to get text messaging to work through the car's Bluetooth like it did via the Motorola Droid Turbo I replaced.

And, yes, I have the latest updates (7.1.2) and the May Security patch. I am tech savvy, having worked with smart phones since the days of the Danger/TMobile Sidekick. (I was on the trial team and also one of 12 people in the country selected by Danger to test the new KIN phone in 2010, the only one who disliked it, too!)

I digress, I just have not found any way to get Verizon Messages+ to communicate through Bluetooth with the car's system. I think it may be inherent in the default Android OS and needs tweaking of your app to work like it did with with the Moto app...

Any further suggestions appreciated...

- Lance

Rome, New York