Messages disappearing on a sync`d tablet
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Issue: incoming messages sometimes disappear on my tablet. I see them and the next time I look they're gone. some have pics in them, some only have text. they DO show up and stay on my phone, though. If it helps, below is info generated via the Report a Bug option under message+ settings on the tablet, with the subscriber id removed.

OTT SubscriberId: [removed]

VersionName: 6.4.42

VersionCode: 30702

Build Number: 18

Build Date: Sat Jul 29 11:23:19 UTC 2017

Last Build Number: 0

Manufacturer: samsung

Model: SM-T580

Product: gtaxlwifixx

RAM: MemTotal:        1992868 kB

SDK Version: 24

OS Release: 7.0

OS Incremental Version: T580UEU2BQF1

OS Codename: REL

SizeCache-Background Image@745f2f6: size = 3872004, max = 97447600, used = 4%, numItems = 2, active = true

SizeCache-Blur Background Image@ad8542a: size = 0, max = 95304144, used = 0%, numItems = 0, active = true

SizeCache-MessageItem-old@1e21bb6: size = 443992, max = 37965564, used = 1%, numItems = 1, active = true

SizeCache-MessageItem-new@b782e9f: size = 0, max = 153939296, used = 0%, numItems = 0, active = false

SizeCache-MessageItem-new@ed4502: size = 1300, max = 151862256, used = 0%, numItems = 13, active = true

Picasso: size = 0, max = 26683875, used = 0%

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Re: Messages disappearing on a sync`d tablet
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MisterLeadFoot, we always want to ensure that you’re able to communicate via text messages in a convenient matter. Let’s dive in to help get this issue resolved. We greatly appreciate the details that you’ve provided with your report. There are just a few pieces of information that we’d like to clarify.


Based on the report that you’ve shared with us. Can you please confirm that you’re using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 and that it’s a Wi-Fi only device? We didn’t find any model SM-T580 in our database; however after further review, we were able to come across this particular device via a quick Google search.


You definitely have the latest version of Verizon Messages installed, which is great. Can you tell us when you started to experience this issue? Prior to this date, were you experiencing any issues with this particular application? Do you recall any recent changes, such as new software updates, new application, or application updates, to the tablet during this time?


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