Messages not sending to iPhones

I noticed last week that I was not receiving responses from people with iPhones, until someone informed me they were nor receiving my messages. However if they text me I received the message only for my responses to stop going through after a while. I have tried a soft reset of my phone and clearing the cache of the Message+ app. i also have the app on my tablet, but the messages do not appear to be sending from there either.

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Re: Messages not sending to iPhones
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JanaiJ0624 -

We certainly do not want you to be missing text messages! Being able to stay in touch with your friends and family is important to us.

Did you recently switch from an iPhone to an Android? Did you make any changes to your device recently?

If you were previously using an iPhone and did not de-register from iMessage, texts sent from iPhone users won't show up on your Android because they are still being routed as an iMessage.

If this applies to you, please follow these steps to de-register your phone number from iMessage:

Keep us posted! We want this to be resolved for you.


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