Messages not showing "read" when recipient has read them.
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 My husband's Galaxy S8 won't show messages as read after recipient reads the message. They are showing when they are sent, delivered, and typing but never saying read.  My Galaxy Note 8 shows it, but his S8 does not.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: Messages not showing "read" when recipient has read them.
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Being able to view the status of text messages read when sent from your husband's Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone is very important. Let's work together to investigate this matter. Which of the messaging apps is he using (e.g., Verizon Messages +, the app included with the S8, or a third-party messaging app?) Have there been any recent changes with his device? (e.g, software update, new apps downloaded, etc.,) - RobertC_VZW